By regulation, schools are required to keep up, evaluate and revise a detailed register identifying all asbestos present. In addition, a college's asbestos management plan outlines the tasks, procedures, protocols and techniques to effectively handle asbestos and minimise associated well being risks.People exposed to large amounts of asbestos fibre… Read More

Welcome to Zero ASBESTOS. Please take the time to look through our web site and get a quote, contact us or call us on 1800 081 081 for extra info.Radiotherapy (remedy with radiation, using x-rays) to small areas of the chest can often help management pain and lumps that grow up from the surgical scars. It has typically not been used to treat the w… Read More

Importation of asbestos or ACM to Australia with out permission is prohibited pursuant to Regulation 4C of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.In the ACT, the federal government recently announced legal guidelines that required all homes affected by free-fill asbestos to repair excessive visibility tags of their meter packing containe… Read More

Prior to 1990, the dangers of asbestos were unknown and this harmful substance was utilized in a variety of home constructing materials. If your own home was built earlier than this time, it's likely that there's asbestos on your property that may very well be significantly damaging to your well being and that of your loved ones. Asbestos disposal … Read More

No matter how giant or small your repair or renovation, if your home is a pre 90's gem do an asbestos test.The World Trade Centers had been constructed from 1968 to 1972, at which period a mix of asbestos and cement was used as spray-on fireproofing materials. In 1971, the New York City Council banned using this material, as the hazards of asbestos… Read More